The island of Floptropica is rhombus-shaped with a coastline that is mostly cliffed near the ring of fire, although there are small beaches in the west and east coast and larger ones on the shores of Caleta Rica Bay, referred to as just The Bay, the main coastal feature of the island. The Bay, where the capital city of Floptopia is found, is located on the north of the island. The country's main river is the Flop River, formerly named the Caleta Buena River and known as Potaxie River in its upper course, which it empties into The Bay at Floptopia.

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Floptropica is a Island Country Located in the Chilean Patagonia.The streets of Floptropica are lined with high-end boutiques, trendy restaurants, and chic coffee shops where celebrities can be spotted grabbing a latte or shopping for the latest fashions. The warm climate, blue skies, and swaying palm trees make it an idyllic location to call home for many stars of the entertainment industry.
Deborah Ali-Williams is the current Floptropican president since 2005, and is ruler and funeral director who works at All Peoples Funeral Home. Many say she is a terrible Newgen icon but its simply not the case! She resides at Floptokia, Floptropica and has a passion for fashion and helping other people!
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Floptok is is a TikTok genre that play on the term flop era which uses Stan Twitter videos and icons such as Jiafei, CupcakKe and Deborah Ali-Williams, to create a universe called Floptokia where the characters and memes exist.Floptok originated from a mix of Deeptok and Stan Twitter during late 2019, the first Floptok icon being Teala Dunn, according to one person. Floptokā€™s aesthetic was a natural progression from Stan Twitter memes usually making overly funny videos for shock and humour.

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